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Greece, Santorini – Frolicking Through Fira

Time To Relax…

Blue Diamond Hotel View - Santorini Greece

Blue Diamond Hotel View – Santorini Greece

Post by Dave with [commentary in brackets by Vicky]

I won’t say who made the proposal, [well I’ll say it certainly wasn’t me] but a pact was made that Day 3, unlike the previous day, would be nothing but sleeping late and beach [I wanted to explore the ancient sites of Santorini…]. Waking up at 11:30, we went straight to the beach chairs, leaving only for a quick trip to the gyro place V had scouted the night before (2 euros/gyro! – we ordered 4)[hmmm we should have gotten 6].

Gyro - Santorini Greece


By evening (yes, to V’s dismay I was able to restrain her in her chair for the entire afternoon), [thankfully I was allowed to take a dip in ocean occasionally] we headed to the center for one last meal before heading to the airport.

Final Frolicking Through Fira

Hotel Beach - Santorini Greece

Hotel Beach – Santorini Greece

We decided we were going to be daring on this one, making sure to taste Santorini’s specialties before we left for Athens – fried [it was grilled] squid and santorini wine. The meal was delightful [indeed]. We went for a quick stroll around the center of Fira, which is a lot more quaint than we realized while we went through by bus, because all the nice streets are partitioned off for pedestrians [all full of stairs – not ideal for us and our suitcase – or more specifically for the poor wheels of the suitcase]. Eventually I was able to tear V away from her picture taking [ > : / ]and hailed a cab.

View From Fira - Santorini Greece

View From Fira – Santorini Greece

It was a quick trip to the airport despite a pit stop by the cabby to exchange a large wad of cash for a bag filled with undisclosed items (drugs?) [it must have been drugs!]. Our flight took off without a hitch, and before we knew it we were in the capital of Greece. It was late, dark, and we needed to get to our hotel. We knew the drill. Hop on a bus to the center of the city plus a 20 minute walk [actually more like 35] and we had arrived at Hotel Tony’s, a charming hotel not too far from the acropolis. It was going to be a long next day, so we ended the night there.

Post by Dave with [commentary in brackets by Vicky]

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  1. Great photos! Greece is definitely very high on my countries to visit for family holidays to greece 2013 list!

    Catherine Steele March 22, 2013 at 2:38 AM Reply

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