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Greece, Athens – More Monuments!

Hadrian's Arch - Athens Greece

Hadrian’s Arch – Athens Greece

Post By Vicky with [commentary in italics in brackets by Dave]

Everything went according to plan…or did it?

Day 5 started with a plan that suddenly needed to be restructured. The plan was to take the metro up to the National Archaeological Museum, somewhat in the north of Athens, and work our way downwards on foot through the central market, National Gardens and (which we had seen from a distance ), back to Hotel Tony. However, once we got down the escalator a garage like door had blocked off the entrance. Thanks to the informational telephone we were able to find out the cause – a metro strike from 12pm-4pm. How peculiar [surprisingly many native Greeks weren’t aware of the strike and we had to direct a few people in the metro]. I generally envision a strike as disorganized and chaotic yet here they had scheduled it by the hour and were even considerate enough to save commuters from a rush hour bus ride home! Being the quick thinkers and budget travelers that we are we readjusted our plans on the spot – we would simply reverse our route and we would just walk the whole way.

We set out to see the ancient ruins first – Hadrian’s Arch and The Temple of Olympian Zeus. From there it was a quick trip to the National Gardens, a scenically enclosed garden in the center of the city.

Temple of Zeus - Athens Greece

Temple of Zeus – Athens Greece

Next stop – the central market – D couldn’t have cared less about this [smelly fish/meat doesn’t excite me] – but I insisted that we go. Although I generally do all my grocery shopping at the super market I love walking through large city food markets. The entire rows of butchers standing by their various cuts or the fish mongers proudly displaying their large squid and fresh as can be fish varieties don’t creep me out.

Meat In Athens Market

Meat In Athens Market

It’s all very interesting to me – you certainly don’t see any of that at the Giant down the block [and rightly so]. Oh and the spices. 10 pound bags of spices on display. Real spices where the aroma just fills the air. At the price of a couple euros per bag – I couldn’t help myself – I should have bought a lot more than I did [she mentioned this regret a half dozen times], but I tried to control myself. While I was buzzing around with my eyes sparkling D had plopped down on the side walk looking like he might just fall asleep [no comment].

Spices From Market In Athens Greece

Spices From Market In Athens Greece

By 3pm we made it to the archaeological museum, which to our dismay closed at 4pm that day (instead of the 8pm closing time quoted by the guide book)! Well, D didn’t lose any time – he ran right in and asked to be shown the mask of Agamemnon [I know my ancient funeral masks], and continued running around trying to at least get a glimpse of every room before the museum closed.

With our museum visit cut short we decided to wander around the city until we found our way back to the hotel. As I said before it really is a shame that the city has just been bathed in graffiti – there’s no getting away from it. And the cats [meow]! There are tons of stray cats everywhere. It is quite alarming to realize, in the middle of your dinner, that there’s a cat sitting right next to your table, peering over at you with a face that’s just begging for a saucer filled with milk. Or scraps of roasted lamb — for that’s what D secretly fed the little cat accompanying us on our dinner date that night [how can you resist].

Hadrian's Arch - Athens Greece

Hadrian’s Arch – Athens Greece

Post By Vicky with [commentary in italics in brackets by Dave]

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  1. Great post, I conceive website owners should acquire a lot from this blog its very user pleasant. So much good information on here :D.

    Chieko Coppa March 1, 2012 at 1:50 AM Reply
  2. I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for posting .

    Carolynn Boyles March 1, 2012 at 4:07 AM Reply
    • Thanks Carolynn – more to come in the coming months!

      Dave and Vicky March 3, 2012 at 2:10 PM Reply
  3. Wow, these photos from greece are just stunning. I’m in Europe at the moment but I’ve recently made the decision to skip out Greece due to time and budget and I’m sort of regretting it now.

    Izy Berry July 24, 2012 at 2:15 AM Reply
    • Even before our trip I do think that Greece is going to be one of my all time favorites but I’m a history buff. We certainly had to cut out a few places we wanted to go to due to budget constraints (Tibet, Bhutan). I like to think I’ll get to them later…

      Dave and Vicky July 24, 2012 at 10:57 AM Reply
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  5. Oh man Greece is a stunning country, I keep postponing my travel there. It’s always job,family,kids.
    But Greece is A place I have to go.

    Ante Mazalin | SailingEurope July 8, 2013 at 11:46 AM Reply

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