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From the food, fashion inspirations, historic architecture, and modern attractions, there is a ton for visitors (and locals) to see when visiting the beautiful city of London! However yet another major theme that London is also known for is its numerous art museums and galleries; London is home to over 200 galleries and museums, the majority of them having free admission charges and are considered to be major tourist attractions. For those travelers who are looking for some activities to add to their itinerary during their London trip, let us provide you with some of London’s top art museums that are an absolute must see for everyone!


The Saatchi Gallery

When visiting London one must definitely visit the Saatchi Gallery, a gallery for contemporary art that was opened in 1985 by Charles Saatchi. Over the years Saatchi’s collections has experienced a variety of phases, from minimalism and US artists to Young British Artists, then eventually returning to contemporary art. What’s even better is that once your visit to London is over, you can still see some of its gorgeous exhibits online at!

Barbican Art Galley

Another art gallery that should be on visitor’s itinerary is the Barbican Art Gallery, a world-renowned gallery that offers major exhibitions from figures such as Turner prize-winning artists, as well as photography and design. If you prefer to see what they have to offer before your visit, you can check them out at

The National Gallery

The National Gallery is the crowning glory of Trafalgar Square, a massive space filled with Western European art from the 13th century. Those who visit this gallery will discover art from artists such as Van Gogh, da Vinci, Constable and others. ADMISSION IS FREE! Information about the National Gallery can also be viewed at

Royal Academy of Arts

When visitors walk through the gates of the Anneberg Courtyard, they will come face to face with the Royal Academy of Arts, founded in 1768, and one of London’s major art galleries. The Royal Academy of Arts has been home to an astounding number of amazing exhibitions, including Queen Victoria’s paintbox and the only Michelangelo sculpture in the entire country! Want more information? No problem! Just take a look at and see other, including current, exhibitions that are on display.

Tate Modern

Perhaps one of the most unusual museums in London, the Tate Modern is a national museum of both contemporary and modern art. Having previously been a power station, it has a distinct shape that houses work from top artists including Damien Hirst and Gauguin. There are also various restaurants within the gallery where visitors can grab a bite to eat and enjoy amazing views of the city. Entry is free and more information can be seen at

Whitechapel Gallery

Last, but certainly not least, another must-see art museum in London is the Whitechapel Gallery, founded over a century ago and home to dazzling displays of contemporary art. The Whitechapel Gallery is famous for bringing exhibitions, education, and various programs to the people of East London. General admission is free of charge.

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