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How To Experience New Zealand Like A Kiwi

New Zealand is one of the best places in the Pacific region to visit for that much needed holiday, and with so many amazing attractions to experience it can be hard to know where to begin! Located in the southern hemisphere, tourists to New Zealand will benefit from a mild climate, with summer falling in January and February while winter is in June and July. The North Island generally has warmer temperatures compared to the south, however both islands are home to a wealth of natural monuments and spectacular landscapes that shouldn’t be missed.

Furthermore, the urban centres such as Wellington and Christchurch offer numerous museums, galleries, bars and markets too, so there’s plenty of traditional and modern culture to check out! Visit for your flights to New Zealand to ensure you get the best deals to this exciting and diverse country.

North Island – Bird Watching

The ‘kiwi’ is the iconic and flightless bird of New Zealand, and your experience on the North Island won’t be complete until you observe this rare bird in its natural habitat. Kapiti, located just off the west coast, is the best place to spot the kiwi bird, and since the kiwi is a nocturnal bird, consider guided tours at dusk to get the best view of the bird feed and early evening flight. The Kapiti Kiwi Spotting Tour not only includes an overnight stay in the local forests, but you will also be provided with transport to and from the tour, as well as meals and accommodation.

For more bird watching in the north, specifically observing birds of prey, then head over to the  Wingspan Falcon Rehab Centre in Rotorua. This is the only centre of its kind in New Zealand that cares for injured, orphaned or sick falcons, morepork owls and harriers, and the birds are then released into the wild once they have recovered.


Staying in New Zealand’s North Island, why not take a cruise in the Bay of Islands, where you can ride the boat’s bow as you watch the never ending waters of the pacific. Be sure to watch out for whales and dolphins bobbing in and out of the sea too, so make sure you bring your camera!

Sea kayaking is another popular activity in the Bay of Islands, and there’s no doubt you’ll be able to get a closer look at the wealth of marine animals and idyllic beaches. If you’re feeling adventurous, then bungee jumping and jet skiing are further activities you can experience here, however if you’re looking to relax, then head straight to the shopping districts of Wellington.

South Island – Outdoor Adventure

There’s more than enough to keep you on your toes on the South Island, where you can enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing, scenic views of volcanic plateaus and rolling landscapes of green pastures. Kayaking in the numerous meandering rivers of the south island is also recommended, while the glaciers at Southern Alps are breathtaking.

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