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Different Perspectives – 5 Ways to See Australia in a New Light

Australia is a land of nature, of culture and of friendly people.

There are so many things to see in this huge nation, how will you ever decide? Fret not, we’ve compiled 5 ways that you can make the most of your time in Australia – whether you’re a traveller or a local.

  1. Backpack

Backpacking is the quintessential way for travellers to traverse Australia.

Having almost become a tradition, backpacking allows you to see Australia and meet a wealth of characters along the way. Every year, millions of backpackers of all ages and nationalities enrich the Australian tourism scene by arriving in throngs and travelling to major and minor cities, staying in hostels, sightseeing and partying. Even if you aren’t the partying type, there are quieter backpacker hostels you can stay in that favour seeing the sights over having a beer.

  1. Get adventuring

From surfing to Nevermind motorbike Adventure tours Australia; this Great Southern Land has an incredibly vast array of outdoors activities for the avid adrenaline junkie. Whether you want to skydive down onto one of Australia’s world famous beaches or you’d rather four wheel drive through the Kimberley Ranges, there is a never ending list things to do and see in the great outdoors. Choose some activities that you prefer. For example, if you hate the ocean, perhaps avoid kite surfing or swimming with sharks. No matter what state of Australia you’re in, you’ll be able to find an adventurous activity that suits you.

  1. Roadtrip

Another fantastic way to see Australia, or any country for that matter, is to get around on a roadtrip. Not only does this great transport method let you see a few towns and cities, but it also lets you see all the in-between parts of the country that really gives you a feel for the terrain.

In Australia, it’s incredibly easy to get around by car, with plenty of car rental companies, as well as cheaper van options that let you sleep in your car whilst charging a much lower hire rate. The only thing is, you have to be careful where you park and sleep in your car, as there are rules and regulations regarding areas where you can do this.

  1. See the beaches

Australia is world-renowned for many things; vegemite, the outback and its larrikin ways. Perhaps most of all, however, Down Under is most famous for its famed beaches. Stretching up and down every coast, almost all states in Australia have incredible beaches that are worth seeing.

However, if you are going to choose on stretch of coastline to see, it should arguably be the east coast of Australia. From the Great Barrier Reef right down to Snapper Rocks, where the annual Quiksilver Surfing Pro is held, there is hundreds of kilometres of white, sandy beaches for you to lay on, swim in and make memories on.

  1. Go outback

It wouldn’t be a trip to Australia without visiting the outback.

There is a wide range of ways that you can see the great red land that lies in the centre of Australia. From interacting with the magical Aboriginal communities to going on desert hikes with camels to doing bush tucker tours, the culture of Australia’s centre is rich and vast. Of course, it will depend on where you are that will dictate what outback experience you have at your fingertips, however, if you have the chance, you should absolutely visit Uluru.

From the electrifying adventures in the great outdoors to some coastal relaxation, Australia has everything on offer for the avid explorer. Do something out of the norm; why not backpack or road trip next time you visit this Great Southern Land? Happy travelling!

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