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Dancing In Peoples’ Park In Chengdu

dancing in the park

The last few weeks have been a major time of reflection for me. It’s the type of reflection I’ve been hoping for. The type of life-changing, epiphany-esque thoughts that can bring about real change in a person’s life.

All I can say is – it’s about time.

Sometimes I read other bloggers’ accounts of travel, which often describe the life-altering attitudinal changes that a few months on the road have caused.

And instead of lifting me up – it gets me down.


Because I haven’t really felt the same way. Travel’s been fun – yes, but life altering – no? Still the same old me, more or less (a few pounds lighter actually, so less). In fact, it’s hard to imagine it EVER being life altering. What would make me believe that the next 3 months will be any different from the last? More tourist sites, more ephemeral interactions, more train/bus/plane rides.

And there I was, stuck.

But then we eased off the travel gas a bit, just a bit. We slowed down – an extra day here, a later train ride there. Enough so that I came across this wonderful thing called time. Real time, like hours, set aside to do whatever I wanted, and, thanks to China, there was no Facebook, no Youtube, no distractions.

It’s been really nice. I recommend it.

In fact, I’m beginning to think that this is really what’s brought about a lot of the epiphanies other travelers talk about. Is it travel that’s opening our eyes, or is it just that for the first time people are beginning to take a few moments here to sit and think about the big picture instead of the present or immediate future? That long to do list that begins your morning and ends your evening. Maybe time is all we really need?

So what have I discovered during these introspective periods. We’ll, aside from the solution to world hunger and poverty (see next article), a lot of it has just been about the importance of getting out there. It’s little things, like talking with that person sitting idly at the table (who, for all intents and purposes, could easily be ignored). Suddenly, as simple as that, we’ve been meeting a few more people on the road than previously. What else? How about joining in with a 30+ group of middle-age, dancing, Chinese women when you neither are middle-aged, are Chinese, and don’t know the dance.

Here’s the video.

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7 Responses to Dancing In Peoples’ Park In Chengdu

  1. Ha ha, love it! 🙂

    Elaine December 7, 2012 at 9:44 AM Reply
  2. Best video I have seen all month! Good for you Dave, glad to see you are enjoying yourself and taking time to slow down. One thing I have learned in life is to try each day to do things with intention, it makes me slow down and concentrate on what I am doing instead of rushing through like usual. Keep the entertaining posts coming!

    Kim December 7, 2012 at 12:50 PM Reply
  3. It’s amazing how taking the time to, well, take time makes such a difference! I do think travel is a great catalyst for causing us to re-evaluate our lives, not solely because of the stretches of time it offers us the opportunity to take advantage of, but because it is constantly putting us in situations that can prompt us to question things we took for granted back home. It gives us the chance to see how great life can be when we make the effort to do the things we love and pursue our passions… but of course the first step is taking the time to figure out what all those things are! I’m glad to hear that taking some time off from manic-paced moving from place to place has given you (and hopefully Vicky!) the clarity you were searching for.

    Steph (@ 20 Years Hence) December 8, 2012 at 2:53 AM Reply
    • Right on Steph! Japan and Korea were impossible for this due to the short length of stays (less than two weeks). Spending two months in China provided some much needed time away from always thinking about “what do we have to do next”. For the rest of Asia we’ve budgeted about 1 month per country so it will be really interesting to see how this pace of travel compares to the previous.

      Dave and Vicky December 9, 2012 at 3:20 AM Reply
  4. LOVED IT David….Watched it twice, Gangnam Style move over!,It made me smile from ear to ear! Glad to see you enjoying yourself and yes it all about taking time to smell the roses! Great motto to live by 🙂

    Jean mom December 8, 2012 at 11:55 AM Reply
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