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A Couple Travelers By The Numbers: September’13 Income – $14,863

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After a month at home Vicky and I are now back on the road in England, before heading to Scotland and then getting on a plane to Nepal. We haven’t been in Asia since May and it’s going to be very interesting for us to go back after spending so much time in Europe. Will we love it? Hate it? Or have a completely business as usual attitude?

I’m slightly concerned as to how we’ll fair running this organization while trekking in Nepal but we’ll just have to power through and perhaps take a hit in income if necessary. There’s a lot of stuff going on nowadays and I feel like we’re on the verge of getting involved in some big things, but IDK.

Blogging Course:

The blogging course has been underway now for a little over a month for the pioneers. We’re up to 15 people in total and a few seem to trickle in month to month. We don’t really promote it so we’ll just see where it goes. I did receive quite a nice message the other day from one of our “students”.

“Let me start off by saying thank you both so very much for allowing us to join in on the blogging partnership.. You have no idea how much this course + being a part of the partnership has turned our online finances around. We recorded our first $2k online month in September 🙂 “

It’s great to see that we’re adding value in what we do. I realize that not everyone in the course is experiencing the success that this gentleman is with their online endeavors, but people are coming in from a variety of stages and we’re working with a lot of people who are just starting. I’m optimistic and glad to see that we are seeing some initial positive results.

I was thinking the other day about the course and how I feel it is taking a bit of a different direction than what we originally foresaw. Originally I thought it would more or less be targeted at fledgling bloggers who see what we’re doing here at acoupletravelers and are interested in learning more about it so they can do it themselves. There certainly are those people, but I am also beginning to realize that some people in the course bring a lot of online earning experience to the table, just in ways different from what we usually do. This is really fantastic, because I feel like I’m learning as well and it’s becoming a bit of a mastermind group as opposed to us being the teachers and them being the students. Yes we’ve made a few grand running the course but I’m beginning to realize the real benefit is in the networking. We’re positioning people to become earners online and building relationships with them. Hopefully, we share some of what we know and they do the same. As I wrote in the last post about wanting to partner up with people I think that the course is going in that direction. I’ve already begun to work with one student privately on a project of our own and I hope more things like that come out of it.

If you are interested in signing up – or learning more about it check out our article

Blogging Partnership:

The blogging partnership has had a decent month, and by that I mean you can’t complain with approximately $6k in earnings, but it is off its highs by quite a bit and not likely to be growing anytime soon.

But that’s to be expected.

The thing is we’re starting to acquire more of our own blogs and replacing the partnership with those. While it’s been good the last few months testing out this new idea, the fact is it’s a hell of a lot better just working with your own blogs. Yes you have to find and acquire them. Yes this costs money. But we have the capital and the knowledge.

And at the end of the day being able to take 100% of something is much better than a 30% commission, when you’re perfectly capable of earning the other 70%.

Also, I’m getting a little bit worn from having customers/clients. It’s just tiring. People, by nature, are difficult to please, and bloggers, well, they’re even more difficult I think. It’s been a good lesson in customer service. We had  rough start but a reasonably strong ending.


Vicky and I are finally coming around to having some posts up for renewal. Last month we had two up for renewal and one paid and another did not. That’s a pretty small sample size to say that 50% are going to renew, but if so that could be a nice monthly boost to our income going forward as we started earning around $2k a month during this time period. October will be interesting because we have over 20 up for renewal…


Just the other day I was thinking about how great it would be to be working on a project with 3 other people. For us, the last year has been a year of going it alone and while there are benefits to running something exclusively yourself you also take on 100% of the risks/costs and if it doesn’t pan out then you’re stuck. Nowadays, I’m really looking for ideas where a few people can get together and try something and I’m more interested to take a smaller share in several projects than a larger share in just a few.

So who’s with me? Who has an idea that they want to pitch to us?

We have ideas.

But we’re probably never going to touch any of them because, well, we’re only two people and we can only do so much.

Here’s one I just came across recently with the help of someone in the blogging partnership.

A mystery shopping site, but for travelers aka businesses that are interested in being mystery shopped by travelers. These things exist in the US and they’re mainly just restaurants. Why not abroad and why not for travelers?

What would it take to explore this idea? You contact a bunch of businesses and see if they are interested in signing up for a mailing list that will keep them updated on the progress of the venture. You can contact say 100 or so in an area using things like trip advisor for ideas on what businesses to include. If/Once you have the businesses you have an idea and interested parties and you can go to something like kick starter and try to get funding for a website. If that doesn’t work 4 people could probably fund it themselves without having to put much down. If you can’t get the businesses then you either have to change your approach or bag the idea, which at worst means you wasted a bit of time and/or money for a VA to send some emails.

And that’s ABOUT it, at least for starters. Some of the minute details are things like what businesses to target, and I think you have to go niche here and make them travel related so like tours, activities, cooking classes, etc. The things that tourists do when they go on vacation.

The more I thought about it the more I realized how many ideas can just be tested (and frankly, should be), and doesn’t require a lot of money down.

But I’m still waiting for a group of people who are interested.

And if I wait too long, maybe we’ll just pitch it to some people directly.

Traffic and Sources

act traffic

Google Page Rank: 3/10

Domain Authority: 41/100


Our best ever, though just ever so slightly. Namely because we’re working off our own acquisitions and not on commission basis. Actually it was our best month to date selling to advertisers. Now if we just had a legitimate business aside from this we could really hit that 20k/month goal of mine…


ACoupleTravelers – $17,763

  • Direct Advertising: $16,450
  • Vadovia: $400
  • Course Sign – Ups: $398
  • Website Sales: $250

AvocadoPesto – $602

  • Direct Advertising: $512
  • Google Adsense: $40
  • BlogHer: $50

Total Business Costs: $2,889

Total Value Received: $0


This month we donated $150 to  

“Oxfam America works on the scene, helping people gain the hope, skills, and direction to create a new future. We are also active in the global arena, addressing social injustice through our advocacy, public education, and emergency assistance programs.”

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