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Collecting Sea Glass in Seaham

Seaham beach

Our main reason for heading to Newcastle in fact had nothing to do with Newcastle.

We were going to use the city as a jumping off point for sea glass hunting. Dave’s mom has a seaglass jewelry side business and she occasionally buys her seaglass from Seaham beach, so we decided to go there directly and collect some for her ourselves.

The Seaham beach is known world wide for sea glass, as there used to be a glass factory nearby which closed its doors in the 1920s but dumped a lot of its remaining glass into the water.

Almost a full century later after churning and tumbling in the water the jagged edged glass pieces have turned smooth and round.

Incredible right?

Seaham beach

We weren’t sure what to expect. I would have been happy if we found just one piece of sea glass.

As we got there and started lighting digging in the sand we found dozens upon dozens of pieces of sea glass. We crouched for hours, burrowing in the sand, heads down, collecting as many pieces as possible.

Though most of what we found was smallish and white/green (which seem to be the least valuable sea glass) Dave’s mom was still able to use a lot of it, so mission accomplished.

Seaham seaglass

We were feeling pretty good about ourselves, having a great day, collecting seaglass, enjoying the light sea breeze, and then the weather took a turn for the extreme.

The winds picked up, and the rain started. Not just a drizzle, a full on downpour.

This was starting to resemble our Cotswolds adventure.

We made a run for cover – about 1 km away.

We took the train from Newcastle into Seaham so the train station was where we ran in hopes of just making the next train.

Nope, no such luck. The next train wasn’t for another hour, and so we stood there under an awning, drenched and freezing.

A real British beach adventure.

At least we collected lots of seaglass right?

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  1. And David’s mom appreciated! So special, particularly because you two picked it…Really pretty frosty sea glass that I definitely have found lots of use for! Just love it..BTW When you are going back?!

    Jean mom January 3, 2014 at 4:59 PM Reply

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