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Which Cigar Does Your Country Love?

I know it’s your favorite pastime and you can’t imagine your next holiday without them. Cigars are synonymous with relaxing and spending quality time with people. But I challenge you to leave them at home for once.

Why not experience local tastes instead of simply smoking what you already know?

Or perhaps you have an upcoming business trip. Allow your hosts and partners to show you the local options. It’s the perfect way to reach common ground and improve dinner conversation. In business your relationships are as important as the decisions you’ll make.

I will share some tips about favorite cigars around the globe. I know you have your favorite tastes and brands so prepare yourself mentally so you can enjoy the taste sensations more.


Why You Should Leave Your Cigars When You Travel

If you’re packing in a hurry you may very well forget to pack your cigars. But why even consider taking them?

The one unfortunate aspect of smoking cigars is the fact that you need your tools to really enjoy them. And your humidor, cutter and other paraphernalia take up valuable packing space.

Any proper hotel will supply these, so rather travel light and leave yours at home this time. The adventure will be worth it.


What to Take as Backup

Of course I know it’s a huge step to leave behind what’s familiar. If leaving everything creates more tension than excitement, I offer you a backup option.

Have you tried little cigars yet?

The large selection of little cigars on the market means you’ll probably find one that resembles your favorite large cigar. No compromise of quality or flavor is necessary:

–          Well known brands produce them too so you’re assured of quality.

–          Some brands use leftover leaves in the little cigars. These taste as good as the larger products.

–          Little cigars are known to offer more flavor because the leaves are packed so tightly.

You have the added benefit that little cigars’ smoking times range from 10 to 45 minutes. If you need to plan for short breaks during your trip you now know you won’t have to throw away precious leaves anymore. Pick one with a smoking time that will suit your schedule.

Ready to try something new yet? Pick a little cigar or consider these options in the country you’re traveling to.


Favorite Cigars Across the Globe

Why don’t all countries love the same products?

I think it’s almost akin to cuisine, because peoples and cultures’ palette differ. But there are also a few logistical factors at play:

–          Certain countries haven’t been exposed to cigars for long. The citizens are still exploring new tastes and brands. New smokers usually prefer milder cigars and their preferences change over time as they experience more options.

–          Trade embargoes on countries such as Cuba prevent access to certain brands. Citizens have to find replacements for these cigars they can’t legally get their hands on.

Thanks to these factors you’ll have an interesting trip. Which of these countries’ palates are most in line with your own preferences?



Trade embargos with Cuba means you won’t find many of them in America. Yes, the law was changed and small numbers of Cubans find their way into the country.

But the cigar smokers still love the brands they’ve come to know over the past few decades.

Americans love South American cigars coming from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Their absolute favorites are:

–          Arturo Fuente

–          Padron Cigars

Are you ready for a taste from these exotic places?



No shortage of Cuban cigars in the UK!

This is an experienced community of smokers. They even helped develop the smoking jacket of old. With kings and celebrities promoting the hobby it quickly became a favorite pastime.

Cubans are bound to stay favorites for decades to come. Most items on their Top 10 list originate in Cuba, but there’s one brand that beats the rest: Montecristo.

Montecristo has many products but the numbered range captures the UK’s attention the most:

–          No.2

–          No.4

–          No.5

These three contain flavors that cover everything from earthiness to creamy aromas and fruits & spices. You’re bound to find one that matches your style.

Enough reason to put yours back in the cupboard yet?



China is still relatively new to the cigar industry. But already the smokers can recognize quality when they taste it: Cuban cigars of course.

You may have found your ideal cigar but the Chinese are still open to suggestions. Every launch of a new product is met with enthusiasm. This results in:

–          Many women smokers joining the community. They love the flavors and less robust looks of the little cigars.

–          The brand Davidoff is doing well. This Swedish company delivers premium cigars with leaves from various countries. Its focus on delivering quality products impresses the Chinese market.

You’ll find quality cigars from all over the world and even a few you haven’t heard of yet.



Russia is also impressed by Cuban cigars, but certain cities—such as Moscow—still have curious smokers. They will be willing to try new options with you so you won’t be alone in your taste adventure.


Cigars You’ll Find Anywhere

There are a few cigars you’re bound to find anywhere. If you haven’t tried them I bet you’ll love them. They’re well balanced and offer a wide range of flavors. This makes them favorable to most palates.

The best example is the Romeo Y Julieta No.2 that features on all best sellers lists.

Are you ready for your trip? I hope your humidor is still in the cupboard and you’ve searched online for a few cigar shops near your hotel. That’s the spirit!

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