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Best 5 tips to explore Las Vegas on a budget

The famous Sin City is well known for its surreal atmosphere and the luxurious experiences you can live exploring Vegas. If you want to get lost into this incredible unique city you don’t have to be afraid! We have some tips for you to live the luxurious side of Las Vegas even if you’re on a budget!

Book in advance

First things first! Las Vegas can easily get overbooked due to its popularity and charm. Don’t be unprepared and, way before your departure, book in advance your stay at a hotel you like. If you want to live the luxury experiences of one the most incredible hotels of the Sin City you could switch your stay in half: a part of your stay in a luxury hotel to live the starred experience of the good life and another part saving some money in some cheap hotel just outside the city’s center.

Get your own Power Pass

If you want to visit the several attractions Las Vegas has to offer to its visitors, consider to buy a Power Pass. With this particular card you will have huge discounts to explore the main attractions for a complete and convenient tour!

Eat on a budget at a Michelin restaurant

Even if the price of a dinner in Vegas can be quite prohibitive, you can live the gastronomic experience of a starred restaurant too. You could book your table for an early lunch or dinner at one of the city’s best restaurant eating high quality cuisine for a small price. Why? The restaurants offer great discounts for example to have dinner from 4 at 7 pm away from the hustle, enjoying the quiet and, most of all, eating for smaller prices!

Hire a car and save money (and time)!

Nevada has so many things to see and explore! Once you’re in Vegas you really can’t skip a mini trip to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, just outside the city or, if you want to spread your travel itinerary to Los Angeles.  Hiring a car is your best option to save money, time and to live your travel experience at your own pace. If you want to find the perfect deals and services check out for and find what’s best for you!

Go for a hotel tours

Each hotel in Las Vegas has its own charm and its own attractions. Even if they are out of reach due to a high price tag, you can marvel at the incredible buildings, at their light shows and live the surreal experience of getting lost into a city that seems to have no space and no time. Strolling at the main avenue is the best option for you to discover every single corner of the Sin City and, plus, it is completely free!

As you may have seen, there are plenty of options to explore and live Vegas without losing the luxurious vibes of the city. What are you waiting for? Vegas is calling!

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