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Beautiful Seaglass Jewelry By SamiSeaglass (Dave’s Mom)

You might be wondering what a seaglass post has to do with a travel blog.

Actually, not a lot.

But here at ACoupleTravelers we support people who support us, and it just so happens my parents have a small seaglass jewelry shop that we would like to feature here. Now you may be wondering…

What Is Seaglass?

Seaglass is colored glass that has found its way into the ocean and has endured years of erosion resulting in a smooth piece of glass perfect for jewelry. It can be found on beaches all over the world and comes in a variety of colors, from common browns and greens to the very rare blues and reds.

Who Is SamiSeaglass?

SamiSeaglass is a small business run by my mom and dad – allow me to introduce them:

J – CEO SamiSeaglass

J - CEO SamiSeaglass

Meet Dave’s Mom – “J”. A Registered Nurse who loves her job, people, animals and nature’s beauty. J started SamiSeaglass a few years ago after her daughter Sami introduced her to these beautiful gems while Sami was studying Spanish in Puerto Rico. J spends many hours experimenting with, thinking about, and creating new pieces..she LOVES Seaglass and the house is literally filled with it. You’ll probably be able to catch her on the next season of Hoarders. All of the jewelry is personally monitored by J. She buys it from only the best sources and has even traveled to Puerto Rico to get it herself. Naturally, J makes all of the jewelry by hand. Her goal: provide each customer, no matter what the size of the purchase, a great shopping experience!

Next up is Dave’s Dad – “A” (aka Elf as he is known in the Biz).

A (aka Elf) – CFO SamiSeaglass

A (aka Elf) - CFO SamiSeaglass

A handles all of the customer interaction, and despite typing with at most only two fingers simultaneously is generally regarded as one of the quickest responders on Etsy. I once caught him lamenting over taking a full 14 minutes to respond back to a customer. To his credit, with over 1,000 customer feedback they are 100% positive. Try getting 100% of people on the internet to agree on anything! Even this montage of the cutest animals has 195 dislikes. Logically then, this jewelry is better than even the cutest animals.

Together they are SamiSeaglass (if you’re wondering where Sami is – she was bought out in a hostile takeover…jk).

What Does The Jewelry Look Like?

Necklace with blue   seaglass

Earrings with red seaglass

Necklace with pink seaglass

Earrings with blue seaglass

Necklace with red seaglass

Wine Glass Charm

Necklace with turtle

How Can I Buy From SamiSeaglass?

If you’re interested in purchasing any of this fine jewelry you can find it on:

SamiSeaglass Etsy Shop

SamiSeaglass Ebay Shop

Prices are generally very affordable, $15 – $30 (depending on if sterling silver and rarity of seaglass).

As a bonus, if you buy through Etsy and use the avocadopesto coupon code you’ll receive Free Shipping!

What’s In It For Us?

My mom has squandered away my entire inheritance on seaglass jewelry and I’m determined to make it back 🙂

SamiSeaglass Banner

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

SamiSeaglass Facebook

SamiSeaglass Twitter

SamiSeaglass Pinterest


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4 Responses to Beautiful Seaglass Jewelry By SamiSeaglass (Dave’s Mom)

  1. You make me smile David…Mom approves!

    Jean mom November 27, 2012 at 10:27 AM Reply
  2. I love seaglass!!! Beautiful pieces, hopefully I can convince some friends to buy me some for Christmas…

    Nicole November 28, 2012 at 2:08 AM Reply
  3. So that’s where you got your entrepreneurial spirit 🙂 1000 Positive reviews is amazing!

    30Traveler November 29, 2012 at 8:05 AM Reply

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