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Backpacks Find The Best

It’s finally that time of year again. Warm weather, kids out of school, and most of us looking forward to taking some time off of work to make the most of the summer. Regardless of where this season takes you, some degree of planning will inevitably occur. While I used to dread this process (let’s just get on the road already!), FindTheBest, an unbiased “research engine,” has alleviated the burden for all of us with a case of wanderlust.

Backpacking backpacks are a necessity for most RTW trips, but they’re also an investment, and this site helps you find the best one. Using their database, I’ve narrowed my search down to five multi-day, women’s front-loading travel backpacks… still in the process of deciding! Aside from packing, FindTheBest is also an authority on logistics. From organizing the best airlines to aggregating country-specific travel requirements, they really know how to help a traveler out. Good luck planning, and happy summer!

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