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About Us

What has been your favorite country thus far? Site?

We absolutely loved our time in Greece.

What are you most excited for?

Vicky: I am most excited for Burma as it’s the country on our list least exploited by tourism.
Dave: I’m most excited about learning new skills such as web design and film editing through traveling.

What is the worst thing that happened to you on your travels?


How long have you been traveling?


Who is responsible for what?

Vicky: I am responsible for the photography and social media. Dave: I am responsible for website building and filming. We write the articles together.

What do you miss the most about home?

Vicky: Having a kitchen to cook out of! Dave: Having a real, desk top computer

Why are you traveling?

See post about why we are going around the world.

What do you hope to get out of traveling?

We hope to broaden our horizons and develop a better understanding for different cultures, economies, political systems, etc. We hope to learn and absorb from the places we visit and the people we interact with.

How can I contact you?

See our Contact Us page


Travel Logistics

Where do you stay?

We mostly stay at budget hostels/guesthouse and we Couchsurf when we can.

How did you pack?

Light! In some sense the longer you’re traveling for the easier it is to pack because physically there are less things you can take. For more information on packing see our post on How To Pack.

Did you buy rtw ticket?

No – we bought a ticket to Japan and took it from there. Although we had a fairly structured schedule we wanted to have the freedom to pick and choose when and where we would go at any moment. Spontaneity is half the fun!

What did you do with all your stuff?

We sold what we didn’t need and stored the rest of our stuff with our parents.

Do you have insurance?

We have World Nomads travel insurance

What are your favorite blogs/sites

There are so many good ones! We have an extensive list of them in our travel bloggers links page as well as many other helpful links for aspiring travel bloggers alike.

What are your favorite/most useful travel accessories?




What technology do you use on your site?

We use a mix of HTML for the structure, CSS for the styling, and PHP and jQuery for the functionality. If you interested in the website you should check out our article on How To Make a Travel Website

How should we navigate this site?

Every person is free to navigate how they want, but you if you’re looking for destinations you may find the interactive map on the home page as a fun starting place.



How long did you save for?

We started saving about a year and a half before our trip. Read our post on How to Make a Travel Budget post.

How much money did you have when you left?

We are hoping to have $55k-$65k when we leave.

How do you make money on the road?

We are hoping to run advertisements on our website and have sponsors to provide a modest income to support our travel habit

What did you budget for Europe? Asia?

For Asia we budgeted around $1000 a month per person. For Europe we budgeted $1500 a month per person. More information around this in How to Plan a Route