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A Trip Back In Time In Great Britain


Great Britain can be attractive destination for all kinds of travelers. Those looking for party and fun will be blown away by the nightlife in the UK. Those who love to explore some world famous attractions will need at least a couple of weeks to see just some of the major things the country has to offer. If you are into city breaks, London, Edinburgh, Dublin and Glasgow will make a hard to forget trip.

Great UK hotels, charming pubs, a lot to see and do. And if you prefer the countryside, you can never be wrong with places like Windsor, Oxford, Worcester or Gloucester.

If you ever get the chance to visit Windsor, grab it because this is exactly the place where you can feel the true spirit of the centuries-old monarchy. It is in fact just outside London but it is a good idea to spend the night in one of the old style Windsor hotels in order to have the chance and see all the interesting attractions Windsor has to offer. One of the boat trips on the River Thames has always been a great idea but if you want to feel as in 19th century British novel take the horse-drawn carriage rides. And if this doesn’t help you get the feeling of the old English traditions, a stroll in Windsor Great Park will do it for sure. For many years the park was a private hunting place for the residents of Windsor Castle but now it is open to public and one of the best places for a day trip while in London.  Of course it is needless to say that the pinnacle of such a trip would be the Windsor Castle itself. The royal residence is equally impressive from a distance and from inside. Although it is a working royal palace many parts of the castle are open to the public.

After a full of impression day at Windsor you can go back to London but there is another tempting opportunity: Oxford. The university town is a real heaven for those who love history and architecture. The main attraction being of course the oldest University in the English speaking world. You can climb the Carfax Tower and admire the breathtaking views towards the Oxford University Campus or just walk around the narrow streets of the old town. If you have time, don’t forget the Botanic Gardens which exist from 1621.

And since you are in Oxford don’t go back, continue northwest until you reach the City of Worcester, another historical place and site of the final battle of the Civil War. The 12th century Cathedral is majestic during the day but you should wait to see it whit all the lights as the sun sets. It is view that can take you back to the times when King John who is actually buried in the Cathedral signed Magna Carta or to more recent times when Oliver Cromwell made a pact with the devil in the nearby Perry Wood.

Spend the night in one of the great hotels in Worcester and in the morning head to Gloucester which lies only 30 miles away to the South. Here the Cathedral is even older than the one in Worcester and if you are a Harry Potter fan you will surely recognize some of the corridors which were used as a setting for the movies.  In Gloucester you can also admire many Medieval and Tudor period churches and houses with some narrow cobbled streets between them. The dramatic waterfront of the Victorian docks is also impressive and if you like to visit the museums, Gloucester will not disappoint you either.

photo credit: Anirudh Koul via photopin cc

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