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A Couple Travelers By The Numbers: Aug ’12 Income – $55

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August was our last full month of “non-travel” and was a big push for us. We wanted to make sure we announced our upcoming trip to everyone we could; coworkers, friends, random people who requested to couchsurf with us. I have to admit, when we first started this blog a few months ago I was a bit skeptical of what, if anything, we could achieve in the first few months. Let’s be honest, we’re not even traveling (yet). Does anyone want to read about our DC recommendations, or website performance tips? We tried our best to keep it interesting despite the fact that so much of our time was spent simply working and preparing for this trip. All the same…

I couldn’t be happier at where we ended up.

And I know there isn’t much more we could have done.

We have a fantastic route planned out and the website is growing every month (OK, not really that hard given where we started).

Anyways, on to the website statistics.


Social Media: 

First things first, we created a Facebook Ad campaign as a result of getting a free $50 coupon to advertise from Facebook. The ad began on 8/13 (1pm) and ran until 8/18 (1pm). During that time period we netted 90 new likes. We average about 3 a day so this is well above average for us.

Facebook Likes

Now, would I pay $50 for this out of my own pocket? Absolutely not. 

But I’ll take it for free.

I just don’t quite see the value of 50 Facebook likes outside of the “nice to have” category. I know some people have had mixed reviews with their own Facebook ads. I do think with some more specialized targeting and a more interesting tag line, we could have done a bit better, but I don’t know how much better.

We are also working on building our RSS and last month I added that little green box at the bottom of every article to invite everyone to join our RSS feed if they like the post. It’s more difficult than facebook to tell how this is working, especially since it correlates with traffic so you could be seeing an increase in the rate of subscribers simply because your blog has more traffic. All the same, I do think I noticed the slope in August being somewhat higher than the previous month. I’m going to play around and see if a more attractive call to action box does anything…

Vertical line denotes start of August

Lastly, we are building our first newsletter via  mailchimp. You can subscribe by entering your email address in the “Follow Us” on the side bar of the home page. This differs from our RSS feed because instead of daily updates to your email about new posts, this will be monthly updates about something of our choice. I’m working on figuring out what will even go in our newsletters – is it too early to promise that it will be good? Probably, but join anyways – we’ll try to make it worth your while!

Traffic: We had some record breaking days in August where we cleared 400 page views in a single day – that’s a lot for us. It’d be an average of 12k page views a month, and it’s nice to know that on any one day there are enough people interested in visiting the blog that it’s actually a possibility. We recently wrote a lot of guest posts and did some interviews announcing our departure, which I definitely think played a key role in breaking out. For example:

To return the favor, we’ve also started our own interview series here at A Couple Travelers. Here are the ones that took place in August:

Advertising: We’re just dipping into advertising and earned our first revenue. Honestly, it was almost more of a test to see what it would be like as opposed to any strong desire to advertise on our site. It’s still going to be awhile before we really open up the doors to advertising; don’t expect to see any banners or ads for awhile. On occasion though, we might share a guest post that we were paid to post. In these cases, we have always reviewed the content ourselves to make sure the quality is consistent with our blog.

Social Media

Website Statistics

August Traffic

Google Page Rank: 2/10
Note: We increased our page rank from 1 with latest Google update.

Domain Authority: 36/100


Overall Ranking: 345,302

US Ranking: 177,279

Sites Linking In: 203


Total Advertising Revenue: $55


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