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8 Things to do in Los Angeles

LA los angeles

Los Angeles is one of America’s most diverse and extreme cities. If you have ever watched a Hollywood blockbuster, then in a roundabout way a little bit of Hollywood has already been in your home. For some people, they can’t wait want to go there and see the place for themselves. There’s plenty to do from beach walking, amusements parks to even renting mansions in Los Angeles. Yes, you too can live it up like a star for a while too.

Easily accessed by airports from all over the world and within the United States, hot deals to Los Angeles pop up all the time. Whether you have been planning a trip for months in advance or have thrown together a last minute vacation, don’t worry, Los Angeles has plenty to do.

Depending on how much time you have, you may find yourself booking another trip to Los Angeles before you know it. Here are eight things to not miss during your time in LA.


Take a Stroll along Venice Beach

LA los angeles

Whether you arrived to Los Angeles by car or plane, use this opportunity to stretch those legs. Venice Beach has long been welcoming an eclectic mix of people. Known for being a great people watching area, plenty of folks are skate boarding around, body building and you’re likely to encounter a radical pamphleteer or two. Soak it all up, enjoy an ice cream or nice cold drink or just get your daily run in along the beach!


Shop Rodeo Drive

If you have ever day dreamed about being Julia Roberts from the scenes in Pretty Women and walking down the road with a pile of bags under your arms, you are not the only one. Plenty a person’s curiosity has been sparked by a walk down this famous road. This is the place where serious shoppers and window browsers combine. So get your shop on while you wander down this road. While you’re in the area, pop over to Anderson Court. This is the only shopping mall designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.


Go to Disneyland

You are never too old to go to Disney Land! There are plenty of adults that make a point of visiting the iconic land they never got to experience as a child. Simply walking around Disneyland and getting your picture taken with Mickey can be a bit of silly and fun thing to do. For the more adventurous, don’t pass up a thrilling trip on Space Mountain or go on the Indiana Jones Adventure.


Rent a Mansion

LA los angeles

As the saying goes, “When in Rome do what the Romans do.” Well, when in Los Angeles why not give yourself an experience to really remember and rent a mansion. People often don’t think about this option, but renting a mansion can give you a truly unique LA experience.

You can pick different locations all over the city so whether you prefer to be next to the beach or tucked up into the hills, there is a different setting for everyone. Split amongst a family or group of friends, renting a mansion can be a surprisingly affordable way to see how the rich and famous live for part of your vacation. If the trip is just for you and a special someone, well what better way to have a little splurge on yourselves than by renting an entire mansion for a bit of time!


Go to Universal Studios

Going to Universal Studios is one of the most popular attractions for people to do on a visit to Los Angeles. There are rides and amusements based on some of the most popular film and television shows. Universal Studios is known as the entertainment capital of Los Angeles. The official mascot is Woody the Woodpecker so be sure to keep your eye out for him. Other well-known characters and attractions are “The Simpsons,” “King Kong” and “Revenge of the Mummy.”


Visit Hollywood Bowl

Set against the back drop of Hollywood Hills and the iconic Hollywood sign, the Hollywood Bowl is a must visit attraction. Ideally you will hopefully be able to catch a performance there. Some concert tickets can even be purchased for as low as $1. Known for its outstanding acoustics, plenty of well-known artists have played there including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Alicia Keys, Elton John, The Doors and others. Even if you can’t watch a show, there is still a museum on site to browse through many moments in time.


Drive down Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard might just be one of the most iconic thoroughfares in the United States. This palm tree lined street has been dazzling visitors for decades, not to mention getting some people to their homes. The choice is yours as you can either drive yourself or take an organized tour. The entire length of the boulevard spans about 22 miles.


Tour Paramount Studios

This landmark site has been home to famous shows such as “I Love Lucy,” “Cheers,” and “The Brady Bunch.” If all the other running around you may have been doing has worn you down, this could be a good tour for you. Most of the tour is given via golf cart, so you can give your weary legs a rest.

Los Angeles is a city that has so much to offer all different types of visitors. From a chance to look at famous movies that have made their ways into millions of family homes to the opportunity to rent a giant mansion and have the place to yourself, a trip to Los Angeles is sure to be a trip to remember.


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