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7 Mistakes in Planning Destination Wedding You Should Avoid

An ideal wedding is an ultimate, cherished dream of every bride (and the bridegroom, we strongly believe!), so starting any wedding preparations, you should be ready to overcome a number of hurdles to your perfect, memorable day. While most of the trouble and hassle can usually be transferred to the firm shoulders of a high-paid wedding planner, and the risks can be minimized if you start planning long in advance, there are still some unexpected issues a destination wedding may conceal. Just fancy it: while you are at home (or at least in some large city, a familiar place with numerous facilities, services, and a well-developed wedding catering industry), you can quickly adjust to some unexpected, unpleasant changes and face the challenge. As soon as you come to some distant, exotic island or any other destination all of you are unfamiliar with, the real trouble may begin. But don’t panic! We have compiled the list of most common wedding mistakes to avoid when planning a destination wedding – be armored with our wise advice and make your wedding day perfect in any corner of the world!

#1 Planning time

The first and most common wedding planning mistake is to plan time improperly. A grand event requires many months of careful planning and preparation, while some couples still make the same error and do not allocate enough time for some unexpected situations and force major situations. Let’s face the truth: something will definitely go wrong, don’t hope that you are an exception! Even if you hire the most expensive and flawless planner, he or she cannot guarantee timely delivery of your wedding dress, availability of accommodation and plane tickets for all your guests, let alone the weather. So, always reserve some spare time to tailor your preparations and schedule to the quickly changing events – don’t forget that time flows differently in the times of stress, while wedding planning is definitely a stressful period.

#2 Wedding dress mistakes

The next most widespread mistake brides make during preparation for the destination wedding is the wrong choice of a wedding dress. We all know how strongly you wanted to have the dress of your dream, and how many sleepless nights you spent dreaming about your ideal wedding look. But let’s be sincere with ourselves – not all dresses travel with as much pleasure as you do! In the end, your perfect dress may lose its initial shape and condition after several flights and transfers, or it may not look the way you imagined in the high temperature and humidity of the jungles. That absolutely does not mean that you have to refuse your dream and agree to something humble – there is a rich collection of striking, memorable beach wedding dresses in which you will look gorgeous, and which will save your event. So, choose the dress realistically to avoid the stress of putting on something you don’t like.

#3 Going too far 

Selection of the wedding destination is always an aspect to consider with as much seriousness as possible. Don’t forget that you invite guests and relatives to your festivity, so you should think about them as well. If you have been dreaming about a private wedding in some rural area of Vietnam since childhood, maybe it is a good idea to arrange an event for only a handful of guests, and then hold a larger party at home? Anyway, plan your location with proper regard to time and financial constraints of your guests – otherwise, you risk seeing only a half of those you wanted to share the sacred event with at your wedding. Some of your friends may be simply unable to afford an expensive travel to another hemisphere, while others may fail to take days off from work for such a distant journey.

#4 Wedding photography mistakes

Excellent wedding photos are a must for every successful wedding. If you have a talented photographer, your chances to commemorate this happy day in beautiful captions grow. Don’t take unnecessary risks with wedding photos! A common error that the couple makes is entrusting the task to some relative, or experimenting with young and inexperienced, but promising photographers. Good photos are too important to trust to chance. Hence, our advice is to allocate enough time and effort to find the best photo expert for your unique event.

#5 Too high expectations

This error is most typical for those who live in large cities and have got accustomed to a particular level of service and a large spectrum of competitive offers. If you don’t like these three florists, no problem! You always have several more dozens of experts in this field to choose from. This is what you should not expect in a distant exotic location, unless you bring all your experts and a catering team with you. Don’t focus too much on those details, or prepare for them while you are at home. Finding an elegant cake or decoration fitting right perfectly to your dress or shoes may be simply impossible in a rural, exotic area where the locals have never heard of luxurious wedding services.

#6 Communication with guests

Though it may seem obvious – too many couples underestimate the trouble that communication with each separate guest causes. Everyone may have questions, want to discuss something, or clarify some details; if your guests’ number exceeds a couple of dozens, you are in a big trouble! So, we recommend arranging some general informational resource, like a personal wedding website, to provide all details to everyone; this may reduce duplicate questions and reminders.

#7 Too much exotics

Finally, be realistic with the destination location, no matter how wild your wedding dreams are! Keep in mind that we are all only human, after all, and some people may tolerate humidity and heat not too well, while others may develop allergies to exotic plants, animals, insects, and even food. Check your own tolerance to the flora and fauna of the destination to which you are planning a travel – it will be a bitter disappointment to spend your honeymoon in bed because of a bite of some exotic mosquito!

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