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7 Best Free Walking Tours in Europe

7 Best Free Walking Tours in Europe


Have the most unique and uncommon travel experience

So you think a Free Walking Tour is always about history and the old town of a city? Wrong! Thanks to the increasing demand in this kind of visits, also known as ‘pay-what-you-like’ tours, there is now a huge offer and variety of Free Walking Tours.

Let’s discover a bit the 7 best ones of the European Continent.


  1. For Harry Potter addicts

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Then don’t miss this Free Walking Tour in London devoted to stories and places that inspired J.K. Rowling to write her magical saga. You will see the Ministry of Magic, the Leaky Cauldron and many places that were used to film the Harry Potter movies.

  1. Jack the Ripper’s Legend

For this tour, we will stay in London, but travel back in time during the 19th century when police was actively looking for the murderer of at least 5 women. If you’re more into scary stories, you can alternatively take this tour by night to learn about one of the most famous and mysterious murderer of all time: Jack the Ripper. Discover this unsolved case that shocked all London and discover places of crimes and investigation. A chilling experience not to miss.  

  1. Walking with ancient Gods in Athens

Let’s continue our travel back in time, but this time, thousands of years ago in Greece. This Free Walking Tour of Athens covers the most glorious battles, weird love affairs and curious transformations of Ancient Greek Gods. Meet the heroes of that time and their stories while visiting a Zeus altar, and ancient Hefestus temple and climbing Filopappos Hills. And, icing on the cake, keep time to enjoy the wonderful sunset waiting for you at the end of the tour.


  1. Food Tour in Sofia

Talking about cake, let’s have a small break after walking that much and have a Food Tour! Yes, this Free Walking Tour of Sofia allows you to have a great overview of the culinary scene of Bulgaria. Gain knowledge about traditional food and get to know their stories and preparations in some famous and trendy family-owned restaurants of the capital. A perfect way to open your appetite before lunch!

  1. Macabre Krakow

Not convinced about the Jack the Ripper Tour? This one should be perfect for you!

Have you ever dream about being an executioner? I hope not. During this Free Walking Tour in Krakow, your guide will share with you all the details about this strange profession, very active during medieval times. More than the job itself, you’ll discover the human creativity at that times when it was about to torture and kill a criminal. Moreover, you’ll understand reasons of such punishments in the beautiful old city center of Krakow.


  1. Get to know the Hipster Vienna using Kickbikes!

The Austrian capital is a very trendy place and recognized as being another land for hipsters. There are numerous Free Walking Tours of Vienna about the old town and its history, but this one is different. This alternative Free Tour takes you to the core of the hipster life, using the most hipster mean of transportation: kickbikes! This is an hybrid between a bike and a micro kickboard and is very popular. During the visit, you’ll discover the most hipster places  explained by a local guide and understand the current Austrian society. Nothing is defined in advance of what you’re going to explore. It depends of your guide, of what you want to see and of course, of the Austrian weather.

  1. The Worst Tour in the world in Porto

Let’s finish this list of the best Free Walking Tours in Europe by the worst one. Yes, that’s how it’s proudly called. This tour aims at showing the ugliest parts of Porto, those showing the the true signs of the history of the city, its glorious past and abandoned streets and houses due to several economic crises. Founded by three resigned architects, the Worst Tour will reveal you the unexpected and non-touristic side of Porto, amidst of social debate. Be ready to get lost.

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